College Students

Taking Care of You: A New Year’s Resolution for All Ages!

Take care of yourself in 2024! Our tips & tricks on how to practice self-care for preteens, teens & college students. Recharge & feel great!

Hey there, awesome friends! As we step into a brand-new year, let’s talk resolutions. Sure, we all have goals, but here’s a crucial one that fits everyone: taking care of yourself, aka self-care. It’s not just for grown-ups; it’s for preteens, teens, and college students like you! What’s Self-Care All About? Self-care isn’t just about…

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Embrace Your Future: Crafting a Vision for 2024

Hey there, incredible people! As we continue with the holiday season and December, it time to start thinking of the new year! I want to share something super exciting together: creating your very own vision board for your life in 2024. Life can be a bit of much, right? Well, guess what? You’ve got a…

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Coping with Ghosting: Navigating Dating Disappearances

Cute ghosts with checkered background

Hey there moon child ! Navigating the dating world can sometimes feel like a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, and one of the trickiest parts is dealing with ghosting. Ghosting is when someone you’ve been dating vanishes out of the blue, leaving you in the dark and feeling totally lost. It is crucial to remember…

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Being There for a Friend in Therapy

College & high school are transformative phases in life, filled with opportunities and of course, challenges. For many students, these challenges can take a toll on their mental health, making the presence of a supportive friend invaluable. While you don’t need to be an expert, your understanding, empathy, and encouragement can make a significant difference…

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Embrace the Sun: Coping Mechanisms for Summer

Hey there moon child ! So, summer’s knocking, and you college stars deserve this break more than anyone. It’s all about recharging, reflecting, and soaking up those good vibes. But, real talk, summer has its own set of challenges. As a therapist, I believe in empowering young adults to develop positive coping mechanisms that foster…

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