Mastering Senior Year: Five Must-Know Tips

High-school-seniors-austin-Texas-tips-therapy-treatment-counseling-preteens-tweens-adolescents-teens-college-students, good things are coming

Hey there, high school seniors! Senior year is like a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs. It’s exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. So, let’s dive into five essential tips to help you rock your senior year. Take Care of Yourself Your senior year can be pretty hectic, with all the…

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Being There for a Friend in Therapy

Being-there-for-a-friend-in-therapy-treatment-counseling-austin-Texas-preteens-tweens-adolescents-teens-college-students, four female happy friends

College & high school are transformative phases in life, filled with opportunities and of course, challenges. For many students, these challenges can take a toll on their mental health, making the presence of a supportive friend invaluable. While you don’t need to be an expert, your understanding, empathy, and encouragement can make a significant difference…

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Embrace the Sun: Coping Mechanisms for Summer

Hey there moon child ! So, summer’s knocking, and you college stars deserve this break more than anyone. It’s all about recharging, reflecting, and soaking up those good vibes. But, real talk, summer has its own set of challenges. As a therapist, I believe in empowering young adults to develop positive coping mechanisms that foster…

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4 Essential Steps to Getting More Sleep

Sleep-tips-insomnia-teens-preteens-tweens-college-students-adolescents-young-adults-austin-tx-Texas-therapy-counseling-treatment, purple pajamas, and sleep mask

Hey there moon child ! If you struggle with sleep or insomnia, this is for you. We’ve all been there when we are laying in our bed and our thoughts are just spinning. We are replaying situations that have happened during the day or even situations that have happened years ago. Your brain is going…

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3 Ways to Increase Happiness

Hey there moon child ! Since March is my birthday month, I wanted to speak about one of my favorite topics, Mindfulness! If you see me for therapy, you know how much I preach about being present in the moment. It’s a topic I love to speak about as it has a made a huge…

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Applying Self-Compassion During Love Season

Hey there moon child ! So there’s always so much talk about self-compassion in therapy, but it’s sometimes difficult to apply in real life. I first discovered the term and meaning behind self-compassion after reading Kristin Neff’s book, Fierce Self-Compassion. So often, I will speak to clients who talk about how they were able to…

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