Archie, Certified Therapy Dog

Therapy For Preteens, Teens, and College Students in Austin, TX.

Samantha Davila, LCSW’s personal dog looking out into the distance with a white bow tie

Hi, I’m Archie!

Archie is more than just a dog; he's a dedicated member of our therapy team, committed to providing comfort, support, and a wagging tail to lift your spirits. With his gentle demeanor and intuitive nature, Archie brings a special kind of warmth to our therapy sessions.

Archie's approach to therapy is simple yet profound: he listens without judgment, offers unconditional love, and provides a comforting presence that soothes the soul. Whether he's sitting quietly by your side or showering you with affectionate licks, Archie's presence has a remarkable ability to lift spirits and brighten even the darkest of days.

Meet Your Therapy Dog

Path to Healing and Growth Through Connection

Age Group: all ages

Specialities: being a calming presence, giving too many kisses, & always smiling

Seeing clients in-person

Accepting All Clients

The professional stuff

My Professional Background

I've always had a strong pull towards people and wanting to help them feel better. I went through a year-long training to become a certified and licensed dog. I have (almost) as many certifications as my mama, Samantha!

Here are some of my qualifications:

  • Registered Service Dog
  • Certified Therapy Dog
  • Certified Canine Good Citizen
Samantha Davila, LCSW’s personal dog looking out into the distance with a white bow tie

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