Applying Self-Compassion During Love Season

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So there’s always so much talk about self-compassion in therapy, but it’s sometimes difficult to apply in real life. I first discovered the term and meaning behind self-compassion after reading Kristin Neff’s book, Fierce Self-Compassion. So often, I will speak to clients who talk about how they were able to be there for their friends, but not for themselves. As I always say, we’re usually our worst enemy. We are the ones speaking and treating ourselves badly. Self-compassion in my own words is being there for yourself as a friend, companion, and human. Here are four ways you can apply this in your own life:

Ask yourself, would you say this to a friend?

If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to you. There isn’t a difference between you and another person, regardless if you’re always with yourself.

Write a letter to yourself

Yes, I know this is corny, but can be effective in realizing all the amazing things about yourself. If writing isn’t your strong suit, then perhaps draw or paint a positive picture of yourself.

Put affirmations on your mirror

Whether you have dry easers or post-its, put some of your favorite affirmations to remind yourself of everything that is great about you!

Read books on self-compassion

There is a lot of information out there about self-compassion, if you enjoy listening or reading other people’s words, I would recommend looking into books that suit you. Kristin Neff has plenty of books on her research of self-compassion, that can be useful for any stage of life.

So, I know this doesn’t fix the issue, but it’s a step in the right direction.

No one can make a change for yourself, other than you. No one is going to speak to you nicely if you first don’t do that for yourself. Try some of the tips or make up your own that feels good for you! I am excited to hear about your self-compassion journey.

If you are interested in learning more self-compassion tips from me, schedule a free 15-minute consultation at 512-522-2765.

As always, harness your moon child power

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